26 12 2008

They were sitting at a cafeteria by the Nile. It was a sunny day. End of February, but a warm and a sunny day.

He gently held her soft hands, looked deep into her peaceful eyes. They’ve been sitting there for hours. Everyone was now looking at them, admiring their relation, sensing the love that’s in the air surrounding them. I was there too, sitting at a close table. Close enough to hear the conversation; took out my pen and paper and started writing.

She listened to him with a look of care, tenderness, and admiration.

They haven’t had such talk for years. The words were coming out like they had been waiting forever for this moment, for the right moment to be said. For the time to come when they are this close, with nothing on their minds to disturb their thoughts. Waiting to be said on this special day.

It was her birthday, she is 25 now. He was telling her how beautiful he thought she was, since the first day he laid eyes on her. Her amazing smile, her angelic eyes, her soft touch, he always felt he was looking at an angel from heaven. He told her how amazing her hug felt and how gentle and warm it was. How he love to watch her walk, talk, and even sleep at night with a relaxed crescent drawn on her face as if angels were tickling her through the night. How he always appreciated having her beside him to share his laughs and tears, falls and rises, sickness and health.

She felt shy but deeply happy. She listened to him in silence; tears of joy were filling her eyes.

They took turns in the talk like they were new lovers where each one took the turn to say how much they loved the other. Like a fresh love with so many things unsaid, and now was the romantic time to say it.

He was silent for a while, so she took the turn to talk. She told him how safe she felt beside him, between his arms, under his wings. How he made her feel like a princess in her own world; supported her in her decisions and gave advice when she needed it, listened to her complaints and talked her out of her tears whenever she was feeling down.

Sunset was close now and it was getting cold. They prepared to leave; asked for the check and gathered their things. They held each other’s hands as they walked to the car; a gentle embrace of their fingers was enough. Everyone around was watching them leave wondering where they were going, wondering their view, wanting to ask them to stay, for they have been a resemblance of love to the audience, giving them something to talk about, or to wish for, to have such a relationship. Giving me something to write about, to convoy my loneliness.

They disappeared out of site. People started to ask for their checks, attempting to leave too.

They walked together to the car, slowly, to live every step like it was eternity. Walked silently, for no word could explain the feeling of happiness that was flooding their hearts and souls. They reached the car, and he opened her door like any gentleman would do for his loved one. They started their journey back home. It was dark now, and the warmth was starting to give in to the cold. The windows were closed. He had to drive faster now to reach their cozy warm home quickly. She slowly leaned to the left, to rest her head on his warm comfortable shoulder.

The trip was long and she felt thirsty. She asked him to stop at any marketplace to buy a bottle of water to moist her dryness. He pulled over across the street from a minimart. Woke her up gently for she has dozed on his shoulder out of comfort and sense of security.

He told her he’d be right back, turned around, examined the street carefully, and started crossing. He picked her a warm bottle of water, paid for it and started heading back.

She was watching him from the car, thinking how tender and caring he was. Watched him cross the street back, looking both sides then started walking.

Then his eyes met hers, a smile was resting on both faces, a look of relaxation and consent.

Suddenly a face turned different; a look of shock, surprise, pain, and sorrow.

A silent strangling scream went out, “Daaaaaaaaaaaad.”



21 12 2008


2,002 Romantic Ideas, special moments you can share with the one you love” was the title that caught my eyes as I was checking out books at a book store last week.

The title caught my eye in a revolting way! I didn’t know there were 2,002 ways to have a special moment with your partner!! I didn’t think anyone could count that.

2,002 ideas!

Many questions came to my mind as I was checking out that title, written with flowers and hearts everywhere around it; Do they really have books for these things? Aren’t these supposed to be special moments depending on the partners who share them? Do I need a book like this one to have a special moment with my partner to be? Do we need a manual to talk us through our special moments?

(يعني نبقى اعدين كده في لحظة صفا و يروح حد فينا مطلع الكتاب للتاني و يقول له: لأ، المؤلف مقالش كدا)

How would one of the two partners feel if they discover the other is using a book like this to have a special moment with the other??!!!

I’d feel betrayed! I’d feel like my partner is having some book fantasies trying to fulfill them. I don’t mind living a moment that either of us wished to live with the other at some time, but getting an idea from a book would wipe out any emotions or sincerity.

Maybe it’s different from a girl’s point of view! Maybe they find it romantic?! Can someone (girl) answer those questions for me??

The Matrix shoeloaded :D

16 12 2008
bush vs. matrix

bush vs. matrix


and now at the “El Youm EL 7” webpage, you can hit George Bush your self 😀

فرصة لمن يريد ضرب بوش بالجزمة

Bush dodging … shoes!!!

15 12 2008

نهنئ منتظر على إللي عمله و حظ أوفر المرة القادمة (يعبي المره دي جت جنب العارضة، المرة الجيه جون ان شاء  الله)ء

“هذه قبلة الوداع يا كلب”

و ده تعليق مدحت شلبي عالمباراة:

والله العظيم احنا شعب مسخرة

اما بالنسبة لإحتيطاط الامن المستقبلية ف انا أظن انهم هيمنعوا الصحفيين يدخلوا بجزم بعد كدا، و نقابة الصحفيين ها تطالب بحق رعاياها بالاحتفاظ باحذيتهم، و سلملي على ريحة الشرابات 😀
for a moment there i remembered the movie “The Matrix” where Keanu Reeves dodged bullets from that crazy scene 😀

that’s really hellarious, i was only hoping that one of them hits him in the face to complete the mission, i’m greedy like that 😛 i like happy endings 🙂

do u think it’s gonna be a trend like fires and piracy which started once and occured repeatedly for a while. i hope so 😛 we need something new for a change…

A Friend From the Past

10 12 2008

A chat log opening,

Malak says:

Let’s call her Malak, as she likes to be called online.

Malak Nour,

Known her for 6 years now. The first two years we were only team mates. We were still in high school.

When I entered college I found her a class mate too, then a friend, then a close friend then a best friend, then…

I don’t know what happened then?!

She became part of me; she colored my days, drew a smile on my face whenever I was in a bad mood, and tickled my thoughts with her pure angelic voice. She got the best of me out to the open. She shared my secrets and I shared hers.

Then I said it…

I was picturing a magical outcome where she’d be my lover, my soul mate, and my companion for the rest of our lives.

But it was different; she made an excuse of feeling like brother and sister. She told me she had no feelings for me and that we are not suitable for each other.

We promised each other to stay friends and keep our relation as it is.

Did we? Or did I?

This took nearly a year. Shit happens at a college like ours, and we both failed the first year. She transferred herself to another college but we stayed in touch. Daily, we’d talk on the phone for hours. I still had hope that things would change and it would turn out fine at the end. She introduced me to a friend of hers – “just a friend from college,” she said.

My feelings for her were staring to wear out due to distance and life. I was starting to adjust myself to the idea that we would only stay friends. We talked as usual and she was there for me when I needed her, she helped me get over a friend’s accidental death. I was there for her too, talking through her problems with her parents, giving advice at times and waiting silently on the phone while she sighed through her tears at others.

One day during a phone call between us she denoted that soon we might be unable to talk on the phone so much or even ever. She told me that her friend has become more than “just a friend” and he doesn’t like that we talk so much to each other.

Who is he to decide? Who is he to give orders?

It was only then that I felt I lost her forever.

But I still talked to her, being her friend, being there for her when she needed to talk, and sitting on the bench at other times when all went well in her life. I talked to her through their breakups and reunions, hiding my feelings and considering what’s best for her.

And I still do! I hope they live happily ever after. I hope they share the happiness I wished to share with her. I hope he could give her the things I wished I could give her, and hope he loves her as much as I did.

A chat log opening,

Malak says:

***** says:
Heey you

Malak says:
How r u?

***** says:

Malak says:
What r u doing?

***** says:
Writing about a friend from the past

1 New Message

10 12 2008

From: Papa

كل سنه وانت طيب بمناسبه عيد ميلادك و عقبال مائه سنه


Thanx Dad,

It’s a good thing I wasn’t expecting more, because it’s only when you expect more that you get hurt more.

I am… Ishtar

9 12 2008



When I am sitting at the door of a tavern,

I, Ishtar, the goddess,

Am prostitute, mother, wife, divinity,

I am what people call life,

Although you call it death,

I am what people call law,

Although you call it delinquency,

I am what you seek

And what you find.

I am what you scattered

And the pieces you now gather up.

For I am the first and the last

I am the venerated and the despised

I am the prostitute and the saint

I am the wife and the virgin

I am the mother and the daughter

I am the arms of my mother

I am barren and my children are many

I am the married woman and the spinster

I am the woman who gives birth and she

Who never procreated

I am the consolation for the pain of birth

I am the wife and the husband

And it was my man who created me

I am the mother of my father

I am the sister of my husband

And he is my rejected son

Always respect me

For I am shameful and the magnificent one

dicovered in Nag Hammadi third or fourth century B.C.

Edited by me.