On The Road

6 12 2008

yesterday was the last day of midterm exams, i did my best and went back home to prepare my bags.

went on the road at 12 a.m, in the heart of darkness, in the deepness of the night. the road was dark. no street lights to illuminate the way. but up in the horizon there was a dim light, coming from an unclear source. it was beautiful, knowing that in a few minutes I’d reach that source. the source of light, hope and change. the mood change i need, relaxing, clearing my head, purifying my thoughts and spending time to enjoy life.

220 km was the trip..

after two hours, listening to the most soothing tunes, we were there, the most relaxing city of all, the most beautiful sea view, on the coast of the most beautiful city on the Mediterranean,

Alexandria …




4 responses

9 12 2008

I wished to be there!

10 12 2008

nothing is more pure than the sound of the stormy sea
…the look of the sky as if .. it is about to cry..
the peacful silence and ..
a thinking heart !

10 12 2008

I wish you both were there 🙂

i gotta tell you, you missed Friday night when we saw lightning in the middle of the sea. It was the most amazing sight ever…

10 12 2008

i love and fear lightening ..
wow !

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