A Friend From the Past

10 12 2008

A chat log opening,

Malak says:

Let’s call her Malak, as she likes to be called online.

Malak Nour,

Known her for 6 years now. The first two years we were only team mates. We were still in high school.

When I entered college I found her a class mate too, then a friend, then a close friend then a best friend, then…

I don’t know what happened then?!

She became part of me; she colored my days, drew a smile on my face whenever I was in a bad mood, and tickled my thoughts with her pure angelic voice. She got the best of me out to the open. She shared my secrets and I shared hers.

Then I said it…

I was picturing a magical outcome where she’d be my lover, my soul mate, and my companion for the rest of our lives.

But it was different; she made an excuse of feeling like brother and sister. She told me she had no feelings for me and that we are not suitable for each other.

We promised each other to stay friends and keep our relation as it is.

Did we? Or did I?

This took nearly a year. Shit happens at a college like ours, and we both failed the first year. She transferred herself to another college but we stayed in touch. Daily, we’d talk on the phone for hours. I still had hope that things would change and it would turn out fine at the end. She introduced me to a friend of hers – “just a friend from college,” she said.

My feelings for her were staring to wear out due to distance and life. I was starting to adjust myself to the idea that we would only stay friends. We talked as usual and she was there for me when I needed her, she helped me get over a friend’s accidental death. I was there for her too, talking through her problems with her parents, giving advice at times and waiting silently on the phone while she sighed through her tears at others.

One day during a phone call between us she denoted that soon we might be unable to talk on the phone so much or even ever. She told me that her friend has become more than “just a friend” and he doesn’t like that we talk so much to each other.

Who is he to decide? Who is he to give orders?

It was only then that I felt I lost her forever.

But I still talked to her, being her friend, being there for her when she needed to talk, and sitting on the bench at other times when all went well in her life. I talked to her through their breakups and reunions, hiding my feelings and considering what’s best for her.

And I still do! I hope they live happily ever after. I hope they share the happiness I wished to share with her. I hope he could give her the things I wished I could give her, and hope he loves her as much as I did.

A chat log opening,

Malak says:

***** says:
Heey you

Malak says:
How r u?

***** says:

Malak says:
What r u doing?

***** says:
Writing about a friend from the past




One response

10 12 2008

i know u r going to read this, i couldn’t find a way to edit it or remove any part. i hope u can take the facts as i took them. and finally i certainly hope this doesn’t change any thing between us.

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