Game Over

16 01 2009

“kol ma aksab el computer yekteb Game Over

Hany Ramzy said this sentence stupidly in the movie "Gawaz Be Karar Gomhoury”. Some found it funny, some didn’t. But for me, it has sounded differently, as many things lately have.

It has triggered a couple of questions in my head; do we always lose when the computer writes “Game Over”? Aren’t we real winners sometimes?

It depends on personality and how a person takes loss or winning.

A lot of Game Over’s were written on me screen, a lot of halting, and a lot of disconnections too. My response was never the same. Maybe sometimes I didn’t care much about that game, others were really hard to accept. But what I’ve learned and decided to live by is never to stop at a “Game Over”.

FACT 1: I’m alive.

FACT 2: Game Over’s exist.

RESULT: Life has to be lived despite of any Game Over’s.

Accepting loss is part of winning; maybe you lost this battle but never let yourself lose the war.

Accepting loss is the first step in winning the war, acceptance and learning from your mistakes, identifying the weak points and strengthening them, thinking positively about that loss and not letting yourself sink into grief over it. All these things help you move on and start stronger.

But there’s always the human nature that defeats all theories, we are humans after all. But even that we can control. I believe we should let our grief take time, but not too much time, or it would turn into depression.

“Every day was there to be lived or to mark one’s departure from this world,” Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)

A little bit confused, isn’t it?!

P.S. (to myself): don’t think a lot about a post or it would lose its dynamic.




6 responses

17 01 2009

accept a loss as it was a winnig…
how thoughtful!
yet not very humane..
you know we are humans after all,we are gonna get hurt when we lose..when the game is OVER..

you know what moody,there is that dream i wrote down on paper once (as i was told ,if u wrote down ur dreams it will come true) and i found that dream so alive and so real couple of days ago,

the thing is when i approached that dream..i started wondering
اندم علي الفرص ايلي اخدتها
ولا علي الفرص ايلي ماخدتهمش

ur post reminded me again of Salah Jaheen : )
اندم علي الفرص ايلي اخدتها
ولا علي الفرص ايلي ماخدتهمش

and honestly speaking
لا اتا بتدم علي الفرص ايلي اخدتها

..losses are harsh..
accepting the lose is hard
dealing with life later is harder
..but the pretty part is
when u win the following time ..

it makes sense !

18 01 2009

makes sence more than the post itself 😀

18 01 2009

😀 lol
ur words were so woke me up 🙂

thank you !

18 01 2009

enty lessa shofty 7aga 😛

u r welcome

18 01 2009

kalam gameel wallahi.. “3ash” XD
bss doubt u use that ur self 😛
do u?!

18 01 2009

no one is perfect 😛 but I sure am trying…

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