Nada bet7eb Mahmoud

31 05 2009

I was standing at the Bon Appetite counter ordering lunch at El-Ahly Club when those words hit my ears stronger than a thunder bolt, so loud and clear: “la2et el nas kollaha 3arfa en Nada bet7eb Mohmoud” (i found out that every body knows that Nada loves Mahmoud). I was taken with surprise for a while, then looked at the speaker. She was about 14 years old, a little kid girl with her kid girl friend. Suddenly the picture of that lame Vodafone commercial jumped in front of my eyes: Bibo far2a3 Gigy (Bibo blew up with Gigy)!! 😀

Then i felt sooooo old! what has happened to the world? when did kids that age start talking about love? what happened to the kids of the new generation? talking about love, fights, boob jobs done by celebrities, Noor and Mohannad, star academy, play station, Esam El 7adary and how he’s not as cute as C. Ronaldo 😀

I’m not saying my whole generation spent their time reading Encyclopedias or Watching Discovery, but i don’t remember us having that amount of lameness, empty headedness, or shallowness in our conversations.

I guess that was before Pokémon’s invaded the west (yes, west! it came from Asia, so we are the west of that) then it all went wrong. Kids started fighting over rare cards, and wrong moves (all they had to do was flash a card, I have no idea how could that go wrong). then it was made tokens in Chipsy packs, then kids started buying them for the tokens and throw the rest of the pack away. Then came cable TV, and came MTV’s role, introducing us to all kinds of video clips and singing mania, Star academy, Nancy Agram, and Haifaa Wahby.


What happened to Ragol el Mosta7il (man of the impossible) and 3arosty (no direct translation, it’s a clue guess game). What happened to those Muppets on TV, although they were dumb but taught the kids a lesson or two. Where did Wanis and Maysa go, bringing up a generation of good mothers and fathers? When did we stop going to sports clubs to play sports and go for picking up girls instead?

Somebody tell me, when did it all go wrong?



26 05 2009

There was a bulletin at college that announced a writing competition. Write an article about corruption in any of its form and any of its ways. It was too late for me to submit my article on time so I decided to write my article  here and get valued by you; my friends whose opinion is the opinion that really matters to me 🙂 here we go:

The first thing that most probably comes to mind when we hear the word corruption is governmental corruption, administrative corruption, or managerial corruption, but to what extent any type of those corruptions has become and to what extent does it affect our daily life, economy, ethics, and life standard?

The influence extent I’m talking about is not on the level of an organization or an institute, but the whole country. You know which country I’m talking about, our nation of Nabihalia 😉

Nabihalia has been under the control of the same ruler system for the past three decades. Same ruler, same ministers, and same bureaucratic system. Normally, as all human nature works, when you know a person or a group of people for a long time of your life or your whole life, you treat them as members of your family – let’s call those people “The Big Ones”- . Some times you feel like you are starting to act like them, even look like them.

People start to feel that public property is “The Big Ones” own property, and they posses their hatred towards those “Big Ones” on their personal properties; they tear the seats on their busses, they throw the garbage in the streets of their cities, and they pollute their air.

It’s the feeling of hatred that a person possesses on a level that makes him too blind to realize that he is only harming himself and his own property.

When did it go wrong? When did it go wrong! I vaguely remember Nabihalia ten years ago, we didn’t notice such hatred in the streets, we didn’t notice such inconsideration from a regular citizen towards his fellow citizen, we didn’t notice such violence in behavior.

When did we start bumping into each other like eye folded bulls without glancing back as a sign of apology? When did we start shooting each other in the streets with live bullets for a parking space? When did we start walking in the middle of the streets without any consideration to traffic in the narrowest streets ever? When did we start, as government employees, abusing our fellow citizens who have fallen under the cloud of bureaucracy and had to be driven to our desks to finish some urgent business, when did we learn and where did we get the right to humiliate them and abuse our authority over them? And most amazingly is where did we get the negativity to take such treatment with acceptance and indulgence?

Don’t try and through this on the government! It’s all government! When college turns into a police barrack, when all college activities are banned unless turned into cheap commercial product,  when subsidy is drawn from human development centers and given to cigarette manufacturers and foreign investors, when the lowest rank in the police drives human beings like a cattle of sheep to what ever pleases him, when …

It’s all Government!


well, it’s obvious…

I’m out of words. maybe this video can explain a little:

And this is Nabihalia’s National anthem

this was the article, forget all the crap about the competition, this is only good for toilet paper 😀

hope you like it 😉