Nada bet7eb Mahmoud

31 05 2009

I was standing at the Bon Appetite counter ordering lunch at El-Ahly Club when those words hit my ears stronger than a thunder bolt, so loud and clear: “la2et el nas kollaha 3arfa en Nada bet7eb Mohmoud” (i found out that every body knows that Nada loves Mahmoud). I was taken with surprise for a while, then looked at the speaker. She was about 14 years old, a little kid girl with her kid girl friend. Suddenly the picture of that lame Vodafone commercial jumped in front of my eyes: Bibo far2a3 Gigy (Bibo blew up with Gigy)!! 😀

Then i felt sooooo old! what has happened to the world? when did kids that age start talking about love? what happened to the kids of the new generation? talking about love, fights, boob jobs done by celebrities, Noor and Mohannad, star academy, play station, Esam El 7adary and how he’s not as cute as C. Ronaldo 😀

I’m not saying my whole generation spent their time reading Encyclopedias or Watching Discovery, but i don’t remember us having that amount of lameness, empty headedness, or shallowness in our conversations.

I guess that was before Pokémon’s invaded the west (yes, west! it came from Asia, so we are the west of that) then it all went wrong. Kids started fighting over rare cards, and wrong moves (all they had to do was flash a card, I have no idea how could that go wrong). then it was made tokens in Chipsy packs, then kids started buying them for the tokens and throw the rest of the pack away. Then came cable TV, and came MTV’s role, introducing us to all kinds of video clips and singing mania, Star academy, Nancy Agram, and Haifaa Wahby.


What happened to Ragol el Mosta7il (man of the impossible) and 3arosty (no direct translation, it’s a clue guess game). What happened to those Muppets on TV, although they were dumb but taught the kids a lesson or two. Where did Wanis and Maysa go, bringing up a generation of good mothers and fathers? When did we stop going to sports clubs to play sports and go for picking up girls instead?

Somebody tell me, when did it all go wrong?




4 responses

31 05 2009

يا دماغك يا مودي 🙂

تحياتي على الطرح الرائع.

4 06 2009

thanx ya 3alloooooool 😀

men ba3d ma 3endakom 😉

21 06 2009

since parents got tired from teaching..
since schools stopped raising..
since friends started not being loyal
and since we felt that it is ok for a guy to wear pink skinni :S

29 06 2009

looooooooooooooool @ the pink skinni 😀

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