Silence Kills

8 01 2011

Ten months of silence cause nothing but a busy mind, wonderment, inner pain, and discomfort. Eeeh, who am i kidding? It was not that bad! But still, taking insults, bad treatment, and bad mouthing can get to you sometimes, but being the decent gentleman that I am, I chose to ignore and remain calm.

Remaining calm and silent then can be misunderstood as weakness or negativity, so the insults increase, and more people are invited to participate, but then the silence continues. Until now…

On a random day you are cruising with a very dear friend of yours, make a stop by a shop where you get the new Fairouz album and you fall in love with it instantaneously! Especially when you the words get directly to you, you feel the words are describing a painful moment you had or an undesired memory.

I’ve heard this song months ago and I fell in love with it from the very first verse. It best describes the feelings I used to have. And although these feelings are gone and forgotten, but still unsaid words are … well … a bitch!

So, being the decent gentleman (yes! AGAIN 😛 I love myself, why not? I’m adorable :D) that I am, I’ll let Fairouz express it all 😉

That Silence Kills, But not me…!

قال قايل عن حبي
“حُبك مش حلو”
ذكرني بحياتك
هالحب قديه إلو؟
إذا كاين حلو
صَفى مش حلو
إلَك مني وعليي
عيدو من أولو

قال قايل إشيا بشعة عني
(معليش معليش)
أخبارك مش عم بتطمني
(معليش معليش)
إيامك قدامك
ألله يخليه إيامك
إنت ما بيطلع منك
إلا كل شي حلو

أخبارك يعني كلا منيحة
(معليش معليش)
الحمدلله ،يومية بفضيحة
(معليش معليش)
يعني ماشي حالك
ومش عم بخطر على بالك
ما تكشِّر فيي حتى
قولك بتسهلو

قال قايل عن حبي
“حبك مش حلو”
ذكرني بحياتك
هالحب قديه إلو؟
إذا كاين حلو
صفى مش حلو
إلك مني وعليي
عيدو من أولو

تأليف وتلحين: زياد رحباني




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