3 10 2012

I haven’t written anything here for God knows how long coz I always found another way to express how I felt, talk to a friend or post a random tweet. But not this time. This time i’m here coz it’s the place where I have the least audience, maybe even non at all. This time I’m here to state that I’m disappointed in my self. And it’s no mystery that my friends and family feel the same way! Over the past couple of months I’ve managed to put my whole life on hold, stop doing every thing I loved, driven my best friends away, stopped thinking of who I am or what I wanted to do with my life. Ironically, everything else has managed to get ruined by itself. The place where I’ve worked for the past four years fell apart and is closing now, most of my friends I can’t face coz we’d have to go through the “what have you been doing with your life lately” and I’d have to see the pitty looks and sweet advices I hear from every one about needing to move on and getting a life. Reminding me of the hopes they had for me and how much they are disappointed. My family thinks the only thing I do now is sit on my ass all day, which is true, apparently it’s the only thing am good at so far! I can’t keep up a relationship with any thing or any body for a long enough time either. I have no idea what the hell am writing! Screw it…