21 12 2008


2,002 Romantic Ideas, special moments you can share with the one you love” was the title that caught my eyes as I was checking out books at a book store last week.

The title caught my eye in a revolting way! I didn’t know there were 2,002 ways to have a special moment with your partner!! I didn’t think anyone could count that.

2,002 ideas!

Many questions came to my mind as I was checking out that title, written with flowers and hearts everywhere around it; Do they really have books for these things? Aren’t these supposed to be special moments depending on the partners who share them? Do I need a book like this one to have a special moment with my partner to be? Do we need a manual to talk us through our special moments?

(يعني نبقى اعدين كده في لحظة صفا و يروح حد فينا مطلع الكتاب للتاني و يقول له: لأ، المؤلف مقالش كدا)

How would one of the two partners feel if they discover the other is using a book like this to have a special moment with the other??!!!

I’d feel betrayed! I’d feel like my partner is having some book fantasies trying to fulfill them. I don’t mind living a moment that either of us wished to live with the other at some time, but getting an idea from a book would wipe out any emotions or sincerity.

Maybe it’s different from a girl’s point of view! Maybe they find it romantic?! Can someone (girl) answer those questions for me??