“Gold itself has no value”

6 02 2009

I was reading Paulo Coelho’s “the Devil and Miss Prym” when I came across these lines:

“ ‘At school, we were all told the famous legend of King Midas, who met a god who offered to grant him anything he wished for. Midas was already very rich, but he wanted more money, and he asked to have the power to turn everything he touched into gold. ‘Let me remind you what happened: first, Midas transformed his furniture, his palace and everything around him into gold. He worked away for a whole morning, and soon had a golden garden, golden trees and golden staircases. At noon, he felt hungry and wanted to eat. But as soon as he touched the succulent leg of lamb that his servants had prepared, that too was turned into gold. He raised a glass of wine to his lips, and it was instantly turned into gold. In despair, he ran to his wife to ask her to help him, for he was beginning to understand his mistake, but as soon as he touched her arm, she turned into a golden statue. ‘The servants fled the palace, terrified that the same thing would happen to them. In less than a week, Midas had died of hunger and thirst, surrounded by gold on all sides.’ “

What is the true value of gold?

What does Gold really count for when it exists alone in an empty world?

Is it gold and owning it is what gives us our value in this world? not only gold, but also money; they are only things that complete us, fulfilling our needs, no need to save it with large amounts, giving so much of sweat and effort just to brag about owning a lot of it.

We live life once, and if we don’t enjoy every moment of it, then we shouldn’t deserve to live. I’m not suggesting spending money to the last pound to waste, but we also shouldn’t put it away preventing ourselves from the joys of life.

A friend of mine bought a professional camera a month ago. He wanted to buy it for years. It cost him a lot. But it is his hobby, his joy, his dream. Now, (ma sha2 Allah) he’s taking the most amazing pictures with it.

I remember when he was still deciding whether to buy it or not, we had this discussion about spending the money on such hobby or saving the money for something more important. Now, I’m sure he hasn’t regretted it for once; enjoying the pleasure of practicing his hobby.

Try to imagine King Midas; try to imagine his world; shining, glistening, and radiant. But he’s lonely, living between all this Gold, owning it. But with no one to share it with, no one to enjoy it with.

صحيح، كما قال الشاعر، جنة من غير ناس ما تنداس.